Welcome to my MiSpecs, where I share my introSPECtive of wellness. I believe there are various ways to be healthy. On this blog, I plan to discuss how I achieve and maintain physical, mental, and spiritual health. Some topics of discussion will include faith/spirituality, planning, fitness/nutrition, and lifestyle posts. Music has a constant presence in my life, and I consider it crucial to my overall wellness. Therefore, many blogs will have an accompanying playlist.  I hope you will leave with something new, whether it’s an idea, recipe, or a new song to vibe to. 

I am a “southern girl”, as Frankie Beverly would say, from a small town in Alabama called Georgiana. From there God led me to Birmingham, AL. In Birmingham,  I found my second home at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). There I earned my Bachelor’s in Nursing and Master’s in Nursing concentrating in Family Primary Care and Rural Health. After graduation, I began my career as a family nurse practitioner in a small, underserved, rural community. I have now journeyed back to Birmingham where I am a full-time PhD in Nursing student at UAB. My research focus is pediatric sleep health disparities.

I truly feel like I am living out parts of my dreams and purpose, and through this blog, I hope to inspire you to seek yours. If you have any questions, requests, or prayer needs please feel free to complete the contact form below.



DISCLAIMER: The main purpose of this personal blog is to express creativity and opinions. Nothing posted here is of professional (financial, nutritional, personal, etc.)advice or health/medical advice. If any posts could affect your health in any shape or form, it is your duty to contact your health provider before pursuing it. Therefore, I cannot be held liable for any choices you decide to make. If you do not consult your provider, it is at your own risk. This blog does not reflect the opinions or views of my employer or institution, but of myself. With that being said, my goal is to have a fun and loving environment and my viewpoint of how to achieve that may change at any time. Therefore, I may change the focus of my blog and how I manage it without notice. I am not perfect so mistakes or omissions can be made. I always encourage people to seek clarification and do your own research. Feel free to politely disagree with any reviews or topics posted here. However, know that I have the right to delete any unsatisfactory comments that do not fall in line with my vision for my blog. Be blessed.


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