Gentleness. I have always disliked constant abrasiveness. Some would see that as a sign of “weakness”; however, I see it as turning away from the unnecessary. Yes, sometimes the dirt and scum are so built up in the pot that you have to use something firmer to clean it out, but if you use something too rough it could cause more harm than help. Have you ever cleaned out a stick-free pan with a scrub pad only to see it scratched and then realize you just needed a sponge? Have you ever use a loofah on a razor cut or carpet burn? Didn’t it hurt more than you needed at that time? That’s how our words affect others at times.

Proverbs 15:1 NIV states “a gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” I understand that there may have been those who roughened you up too much, and you have become more abrasive to protect yourself. However, that unforgiveness in your heart is burning your relationships with others. There may be someone who is trying to reach out to you for mentorship because they admire you, but that attitude you give can change someone’s life, not for good. It is not easy to always be gentle, but it starts with one step. Today, I encourage you to practice gentleness when someone is the opposite. Meditate on tenderness in your heart, and you will manifest an outpour of gentleness.

Today’s Prayer

God, thank you for your presence today. I pray today that I focus on the Holy Spirit to guide me towards a gentle heart. Today, I forgive others and myself, because I know that unforgiveness only brews a bitter heart. Lord, it affects me more than others because it causes me to miss out on beautiful moments by me focusing on my inner anger. Today, I choose to let tenderness flow through me and out of me. I want to be a light to others. A comforting light that can extend peace to anyone that is near me. In Jesus’ Name



Peace, Love, Joy, and Abundant Blessings



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Family Nurse Practitioner pursuing a life of research and education by earning my PhD in Nursing. Alabama born and raised. UAB Alum. UAB Grad Student.

2 thoughts on “Gentleness

  1. When I divorced my first husband I used 40 days of Prayer asking God to watch over him, his girlfriend, and their child. The child was an easy prayer because I never held him with any ill-will. I also ask that God himself in my heart towards them and the pain they had caused me and my children. Long before the 40 days was up I began to see a change in myself and in their behavior towards me. God led me to trust in him and to use more gentle words and actions. Our God is an awesome God!

    1. I agree. He is awesome. I am always in awe of how He can change my heart, erase my tears, and soothe areas I wouldn’t dare let anyone get near. Thanks for sharing this. It is so encouraging.

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