Joy. “Joy, Joy, God’s great Joy- Joy, Joy, down in my soul” is some of the lyrics of a childhood church song. I am a firm believer that this is the year of joy for me and so many around me. Which means this can be a year of joy for you. For a long time, I thought joy was something I had to receive from experiencing happy moments. However, on many occasions, I could not “find” this happiness. After moving to North Carolina on my own, knowing no one, and only visiting the state once, for my interview, I went on a challenging journey that resulted in my defining happiness. See happiness is seeking the good in anything regardless of the circumstances. Happiness is dwelling on the sweet memories of a beloved that just left this Earth. Happiness is thanking God for the obstacle He removed by holding you back from what you thought was a blessing. When I discovered what real happiness was, I was able to understand the beauty of joy.

Joy is not given by this world, it is a feeling you choose to have about the happiness around you. Joy and happiness are based on faith. If you are not faith-filled, it is hard to see them both. It takes trust in God’s word to receive this joy. Psalm 16:11 NIV states ” You make known to me the path of my life; you fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.” The verse speaks to me so much about my journey to happiness. This verse revealed that I need to put my faith in the fact that God knows my path because he created it, and I can trust His plans regardless of the feelings surrounding it. Everything He is doing is for my good, even if it does not seem that way. I will choose joy irrespective of the circumstances because I am expectant that God will come through fantastically! I will seek Him daily because the verse states “you fill me with joy in your presence.” That means only God can provide the joy that I desire. So I encourage you to choose to see the joy (God) in everything. I believe it will lead to a better year.


A Prayer for Joy

God, I want to thank you for waking me up this morning and placing me where I should be. Dad, forgive me for stepping out of your will and not following your agenda. Today, I surrender to your plans, and I want to know your agenda for me today. God, I am going to meditate on the word that has been given to me today, and I will seek joy/you in all that I do. Lord, when things try to go astray, I will choose to think of you, and what you are trying to show me. Lord, I pray that I am attuned to the Holy Spirit today, and I am aware of the guidance you are given. I speak that this is the year of Joy, and I will embrace it fully. In Jesus’ name,




Peace, Love, Joy, and Abundant Blessings,

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Family Nurse Practitioner pursuing a life of research and education by earning my PhD in Nursing. Alabama born and raised. UAB Alum. UAB Grad Student.

2 thoughts on “Joy

  1. God is using you to reach out and send his word to others. I needed to hear his word and specifically these words today! Thank you for reminding me that God has my road map and my responsibility is to follow it.

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