Hair Tied, Chillin’ & NO Make-up: Creating Your Place of Peace

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I hope all is well. Today, I want to talk about creating your peaceful place. Life is HARD, even harder, is this thing we “millennials” (can’t stand that word.) call ADULTING. Sometimes you need an escape, and unfortunately, life is moving too FAST to find it.  Gas is on E, wallet is on E, and energy is on E, while bills are at an all-time high, and so is your pile of responsibilities. So going on that vacation has to be on pause until next year, and a weekend road trip may still be impossible. However, in order to make it through this “thing called life,” you have to take some time to find or enter into peace The next question is where and how? First, is finding somewhere that is inexpensive, yours, and where you are safe from all the calamity of what needs to be done. So below I have a few tips on how to create your safe place.


  1. GET SOME PRIVACY: I am fortunate enough to not have roommates, praise GOD. However, everyone does not have that privilege. I simply just need to pick a location in my home, but if you have roommates figure out their schedule. If you know when they will be coming and going you can find that time when you can have some peace and quiet that fits with your schedule. Another option is finding a park or a quiet area outside of your home, where you can go consistently and just melt into peace.
  2. SET THE ATMOSPHERE: In my previous post, I discussed how to plan for a regroup session ( ). This can occur in your peaceful place; however, you don’t always have to regroup. You can just rest, and that is a valuable thing. Setting the atmosphere is making it your favorite place. If it is a room, decorate it with some of your favorites, candles, diffusers,  your favorite journals and books, beverages, just make sure that when you go into your safe place, you don’t have to leave out unless you have to use the bathroom.If you are outside of your home, make a bag full of your essentials, so no matter where you are you are prepared to escape.
  3. SET THE VIBE: now this is pretty much the same as the atmosphere; however, make some parts consistent, so you know what to expect everytime you enter. Setting the vibe is what you want to focus on that day. Is it regrouping, resting, ranting, or releasing? We encounter a lot on a daily basis and with all of that, we need to do one of the previous 4 on a regular basis. So devise a plan for the vibe of that day. Do you need to release stress by meditating? Do you need to regroup by planning your week? Do you need to rant to God or friends about how jacked up your situation may be or how someone has treated you? Or do you need to rest because you feel like you have been hit by a bus a time or two?



This list is pretty short, but the more simple you make your process of creating your place of peace, the easier it will be. I have hopes that you can create this special place, and become a healthier you, by having a healthier mind. Need some help setting the vibe? Check out my InMyRoomVibes below.  The purpose of this playlist is for me to reminisce and release. We sometimes have so many thoughts in our minds that we want to let go. However, the key is that sometimes we have to think through them and then let them go


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Much Love, Peace, and Blessings,

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Family Nurse Practitioner pursuing a life of research and education by earning my PhD in Nursing. Alabama born and raised. UAB Alum. UAB Grad Student.

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