Blue Apron’s Spicy Lemongrass

Happy Labor Day! Today, I have a quadruple surprise for you. Yes, quadruple! I have a blog, vlog, printable recipe, and a playlist.

I recently purchased a Blue Apron box. If you are not familiar with Blue Apron, it is a meal order subscription where they send you all the FRESH ingredients already proportioned and ready for you to cook.It comes with 3 meals, each with 2 servings. It also includes the recipe with step by step instructions.  I have tried one of these boxes in the past, Home Chef, and I really enjoyed it.  So I thought I would give this one a try and below I will give you my top 5 opinions on the box.


  1. IT IS REALLY FRESH: I had an event to attend the night the box was delivered, and it was hours before I got home. When I opened the box, the food was still cool, frozen, and fresh. They tell you that you do not have to be home for them to deliver the food, and this is true.
  2. EVERYTHING WAS SO ORGANIZED: When I opened the box, the first things were the recipes and an information card. I was immediately able to know what needed to go where. All of the small ingredients were in a paper bag with a label of the recipe it belongs too. The bigger ingredients were coupled for the most part with the rest of the ingredients for the recipe.
  3. THE RECIPES GAVE STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS WITH PICTURES: This box included a lot of new ingredients that I have never used before. As exciting as it sounds, I don’t know how to cook this stuff, lol. However, Blue Apron made it really easy by giving me pictures of the ingredients besides their names This helped out a lot.
  4. ALL THE RECIPES WEREN’T APPETIZING: I loved the meal that I did a review on, and the others are exciting too. However, when I had to choose my 3 meals out of the 6 options, depending on the initial 1/3 meal you choose, your other choices are limited. I did not like this because I wanted to try some of the other meals, but I could not pick them. When I canceled, yes I did cancel, it stated that they are working on producing more options. That would be nice.
  5. THE PRICE IS, UMMMM, NOT THAT FRIENDLY FOR EVERYONE:  I did use a coupon code for my initial set of meals and depending on how things went, I planned to continue on for a while. However, due to the limited food choice and my limited budget, it was not going to work. For the first meal, I was able to use a $40 off coupon, which brought my total for 3 meals down to $19.99. Now that price is AMAZING; however, that is just for your first meal. Afterwards, it goes to $59.99. Now that is for 6 meals if you are single. Which in that case, would save you money if you eat out a lot. However, I can do a lot with $60: put $20 in my tank, use $20 for groceries, and $20 for movies and a light dinner.

Now earlier I did say I canceled, and that is a good thing about these boxes. You can cancel or skip meals whenever you want. However, make sure you do it before they ship out a new meal. There are two ways you can get a discount with this package.

  1. You can go to Blue Apron, and you will instantly get a discount.
  2. You can get a Swagbucks account, which is a site where you can earn points by taking surveys or trying new products. These points can then be used to purchase gift cards. Click for my referral link and sign up. With this option, you can get  Blue Apron box with a discount, plus earn Swagbucks to purchase gift cards.

I hope you enjoyed my review. Check out my CookingVibesI playlist, plus my CookWithMe Product Review below. DON’T FORGET to like, subscribe, and comment on this page, my YouTube Channel, and follow my playlist. So print the recipe, turn on CookingVibesI, and watch my vlog for a little guidance.

Click below for recipe.

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