Putting the Deva Back in My Curls

I was so fortunate to receive an Influenster package that had FREE DevaCurl products to try. Now, I have never tried their products before, and coincidentally I had just picked up a trial size package at Ulta. In the Influenster box, I received a sample of their Build-up Buster and their two new hair masks. Below, I will go into a little detail on my experience with the products. Also, *hint hint*, be on the lookout for my micro-rant about my wash day details and how I used the DevaCurl products.

DevaCurl Super Curly Mini Transformation Kit – $12 at Ulta (ulta.com)

This kit included three of the more popular products for the curly girls, who according to Deva Curl are” tightly curled and can easily lose moisture and definition.” Each container had 1.5 ounces of product. The following products were included:

  1. No-Poo Decadence: This was the cleanser. It has zero lather, but a whole bunch of clean. As I used this product I could tell that my strands were being cleaned well, but my hair did not feel stripped.
  2. One Condition Decadence: This was the conditioner. This product smelled fresh so that was a plus. It was also very moisturizing. I have thick hair so I had to use a good amount, but there was still some left in the container. As I added the conditioner, I could easily finger detangle my hair with little hassle.
  3. Coconut Cream Styler: This styler smelled like a coconut dream. The cream was not too thick and not too light, a very good balance. As I applied it, I could feel my hair soaking it up. I think it was in love. It also had a good hold to it, so it definitely helped make my twist-out last.

Influenster Box -FREE – sign up here –> Influenster

can be purchased at DevaCurl or Ulta 

DevaCurl Buildup Buster ($28″): Now, I really liked this product. As soon as I applied it my curls were starting to pop. It did not strip my hair, but my hair felt squicky clean. I really love this product; however, the concern would be the price. I mean can this $28 product be compared to something much cheaper. I don’t know for sure, but I’m pretty sure somebody knows. Now if you like to put on a lot of products daily, this may be a buy for you. However, for me, I cannot justify the cost because I do not use a lot of products daily.

DevaCurl Melt Into Moisture Matcha Butter Conditioning Mask ($36): Now a little of this did go a long way with me and I have extremely thick hair. As soon as I started to apply the mask, my hair was becoming extremely soft and even easier to finger detangle. The mask has somewhat of a powdery, fresh smell. Overall, I really liked this product.

DevaCurl Deep Sea Repair Seaweed Strengthening Mask ($36): Once again, a little went a long way with this product. My hair was also easy to finger detangle after using. I have only used it once so I will have to review again after I have used it for a longer time to define how it strengthens my hair. Now the question  for both this mask and the previous one is,”Is this worth the price?” If you are one to use masks regularly and agree it is a staple for your hair care routine, go ahead. However, I believe they are great products, but I cannot see myself forking over $40 for a hair mask, especially when I do not apply a lot of heat to my hair. Now, I know you can have hair damage without heat, but I feel that some other products that are more affordable can do the same or better.


Overall, I really enjoyed using these products. They did exactly what they said they would and more. The only slight problem I have with them is the price. I will continue to use these products, and give you an update as time goes by. I will let you all know what I think about their value and are there other products that can compare or are better.

If you have had an experience with DevaCurl please leave them in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to check out MiSpecPlays:WashDayVibesI, for some neo-soul vibes to listen to while washing your hair.



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