Girls’ Weekend on a Budget

Hey, ya’ll. This week’s blog is going to focus on two of my favorite things, saving and best friends. I was so blessed to have my best friend/sister come visit my new home. We grew up together, but we ended up going to different colleges and living in different states. We were once only 2 hours away, now we are 6 hours away, and ironically I feel like we will visit each other even more now.

So the goal for this weekend was to show my sis around my new home and to do it without us spending a lot of money. So below I have some tips on how I achieved this.


  1. You must have a plan! I am a firm believer that if you do not have a plan, you plan to fail. Once I found out Thelsea was coming to visit, I immediately started to plan. We both like education so I knew I had to find something that would peak that side of our interests. So lucky for me Raleigh has a lot of FREE museums in walking distance of each other. It would take days to finish them so we only got to go through one, and then we headed to the farmer’s market to do some more exploring.
  2. FOOD, FOOD, FOOD. Okay, you have to eat to live. Plus, we are Southern girls, so we like to eat. No shade, but seriously my whole circle is composed of all foodies. It so hard to go on a trip and not want to eat out the entire time. However, that can get really expensive. So my plan was for us to eat out sometimes and eat in others. Since it’s summer time we had to get on the grill, and that gave us a chance to get in the pool. It also was very cost effective, and I had left overs for the week. Also, to make sure we were good on time, I wanted to plan to eat at places that were in the path of where we already were. So we ended up getting fresh seafood and ice cream from the Farmer’s Market and it was AWESOME
  3. GO OUTSIDE! It is the Summer time, so you have to go get some sun of course. Plus, the sun is free.I already talked about how we hit up the pool house and grilled out. However, we also went to the farmer’s market to walk around and just have girls talk. Plus we got to eat the fresh seafood that was the bomb.
  4. GET GREAT LAUGHS! This weekend would not be complete if we did not go to the movies. I am starting to believe that’s our thing. Even if it is not at the theatre, we are watching at home. Luckily for us, this weekend Girls Trip came out, so we got to go on the premiere night. It definitely gave us the ultimate laugh therapy. To save, you can eat before the movie or share a popcorn. Also, if you can wait until matinee times or stimulus Tuesday (I’m convinced this is every movie theatres cheap day.) that will also help your pockets.
  5. HAVE PLENTY OF GIRL TALK. What is a Girls Weekend without girl talk? That is honestly the best part of the weekend, the reason why you are gathered together. In everything you do, keep it fun and keep the conversation going, and you will have a great time and stay on budget.


We went to the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science and even got to check out the RACE exhibit, which was very informative.


The Farmer’s Market was pretty neat. I can’t wait to go back to buy some fresh fruits and vegetables. Plus, they had peach stacks which were something that my grandmother used to make growing up. This place brought back so many memories.

For breakfast, I made blueberry pecan waffles, shrimp and grits, and mimosas.

When we grilled out we had street corn, shrimp kabobs, sweet potatoes, and raspberry lemonade from Publix which is the bomb.

Then I made my favorite summer dessert the berry whipped cream cheese pie.

Click the picture to get access to the printable recipe pdf with the shopping list.

Check out the playlist below for a couple songs to vibe to.

I hope you enjoyed this post. In the comments below let me know some of the things you have done during your Girls’ Weekend, and how you kept it affordable. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog so you can be the first to hear about what’s new.


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