Behind the Scenes: My Skin Routine: Night Time Edition

Hi, beautiful SPECtators. I am back with a post that is going to leave you moisturized and refreshed. I recently got some awesome products in my BreezyVoxBox through Influenster, my June Ipsy Bag, my June Onyx Box, and the Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale. I definitely found some faves in this bunch. Below I am going to tell you of the details for all of the products and how I used them in my night time cleanse.

Sea Island Cotton Body Spray: Bath & Body Works: valued at $13.00

Night Time Tea Aromatherapy Lotion: Bath & Body Works: valued at $13.00

Thayer’s Rose Witch Hazel: Sprouts: $11.00

ProFoot Heel Rescue Foot Cream: Influenster Breezy Vox Box: FREE/ valued at $6.50

Rutz Naturals – Potent-C Vitamine C + E Serum: June Onyx Box: valued at $52

Clarisonic Spin Brush: Ulta: valued at $129.00

Skyn Iceland Glacial Face Wash: June Ipsy Bag: $30 for full size

Vaseline Lip Therapy in  Rosy Lips: Target: $1.79

FYI: when the term ‘valued at’  is used it means I did not pay that price upon purchase due to coupons or discounts. I also could’ve received it in a beauty subscription where the value outweighs the price I paid for the subscription

Night Time Routine

  1. I first start with a warm shower. After working all day and working out, a nice warm shower is a way to get into the relaxation phase. For night time, I like to use the Night Time Tea aromatherapy shower gel. It smells sooooo good, and it really does give you a feeling of relaxation as you breathe it in.
  2. After getting out of the shower, I pat dry to leave a thin layer of water on so that I can trap in the moisture with my moisturizer. I use the matching Night Time Tea aromatherapy lotion and then spray on some Sea Island Cotton. I love the fresh and lasting scent of the Sea Island Cotton.
  3. Now yall know it is summer time, and it is sandal season. With that being said, the toes and the heels have to be on point. When I got the ProFoot Heel Rescue Foot Cream in my Influenster box, I immediately did a jig. I did another on the first night I applied it. I apply it while my feet are a little damp so I can seal in the moisture. My heels looked and felt so soft afterward, and it was long lasting throughout the day.
  4. Now on to the face. I don’t use my Clarisonic every night of the week because I do not want to be too harsh on my face. I try to use it at least 2-3 times a week, and usually do a mask on the days I use it. That helps me keep a routine.
  5. Even though the Clarisonic does a good job regardless of the cleanser, a good cleanser is essential. Before getting the Skyn Iceland cleanser, I was using one of my other favs Mario Badescu cleanser (look out for a blog on all the products I use from this line). However, on day one of trying this cleanser, I knew I had another favorite. A little goes a long way with this product and the lather is AMAZING. It smells so good with a fresh scent (I love fresh scents). It did not make my skin feels stripped after using it, but it definitely felt really clean.
  6. I have acne prone and oily skin, so for me, a toner is a must. My all time favorite is the Thayer’s Rose Witch Hazel, now any witch hazel is fine with me. However, the extra rose scent in this witch hazel just makes me want to use it more. It does not dry my skin out too much, and I always feel extra refreshed when using it.
  7. Vitamins C + E are so good for the skin, especially the face since they help with decreasing sun damage and helping heal your skin at a cellular level. So when I got the Rutz Naturals – Potent-C Vitamine C + E Serum in my June Onyx bag, I knew I had another win. I previously looked up the product and decided it was something that was going on my wish list for beauty products. The product applies so well, and I feel like I am giving my skin a drink of water after applying.
  8. Last but not least, my all time favorite lip moisturizer the Vaseline Lip Therapy in  Rosy Lips. I have tried many lip moisturizers and even had an allergic reaction to one(it took me a while to figure out it was the cause), but every time I go back to this moisturizer I get amazing results. Number 1 it healed my lips from that little lip reaction, it is long lasting moisturization, and it leaves a nice subtle sheen.


Well, that’s it for my current night time routine, if you have any questions about these products let me know below. Also, let me know what are some of your favorite products used in your night routine. Any requests for a blog post can be posted below or on the contact page.

To get $10 OFF your own OnyxBox sign up at and use referral code 9kddtq, the subscription is around $25 a month, but you have close to $75 – $100 worth of products in each box. It is definitely worth it. You can also subscribe to Ipsy Bag via this link  It is $10 every month, and the products are picked according to your beauty profile. Also, you can sign up for Influenster at

Have a great day!

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