How to Create Your Own Mother/Daughter Spa Day

My mom recently visited me for the 4th of July and we had such a good time. I was able to share a lot of firsts with her. Some being her first Zumba class, first pedicure, and her first SPA DAY. Now, I love me a good at home spa day, so I decided to share a little of my routine. Below I am going to give you some tips on how to have a great spa day with your mom, sister, daughter, best friend or whoever.

1.Make a plan.  What time? What all will you do? Facials? Masks? Exfoliation? What products will you need? What is your budget?

Lucky for me, I am a product hoarder. So I already had all I needed for this amazing spa day. I decided to do steam facials and masks with a little moisturizer at the end. Something quick because this was right before we headed to church. Now if you want to do something longer you can do a full facial cleansing, exfoliation, steam facial, mask, and moisturize.

2. Set the mood. If you want to do a spa atmosphere light some fresh or aromatherapy scented candles or put your favorite essential oils in a diffuser. Also, turn on some very calming music or your favorite get ready jams, for example, my mama loves blues and soul. Check out the playlist of the week for some of our favorite songs.

3. Let the party began and enjoy. Below I have details on the supplies I used.

Facial Steamer: TJ Maxx : $20

Dream Steam Tab: Lush: $2.95

L’Oreal Pure-Clay Mask in Charcoal & Red Algae: BzzAgent: FREE

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To do the facial steam, I first added water to the steamer.After it came to a boil or bubble, I added the Dream Steam tab. I then covered our heads with a towel to trap in the steam. After resting in the steam for about 5 minutes, we applied the masks to partially damped faces.

SIDENOTE: cover your hair with a scarf or something protecting your edges, like my mom did, so the steam or mask won’t mess up your hairdo

The L’Oreal clay masks are really awesome. The Red Algae is for exfoliation and the microparticles inside of it feel amazing while applying it. My mom loved the purifying effects of the Charcoal masks and felt it tightening her pores.

Afterward, we applied some facial mist and Vitamin C serum to moisturize our skin and give it the nutrients it needs. Vitamin C helps with collagen production which keeps your skin tight and young. Research is currently studying its ability to help to protect your skin from the harmful sun rays and help with the faster restoration of balanced skin after sunburns.

Rutz Naturals – Potent-C Vitamine C +E Serum: Onyxbox: Valued at $52

Mario Badescu Skincare Facial Spray: Ulta: $7- $12

I love all the amazing products I get to try out in the OnyxBox. It is really affordable, especially when you are only paying around $25 for more than one product when one is valued at $52. Get $10 off your FIRST ONYX BOX by signing up at using this REFERRAL CODE —->> 9kddtq


My mom really enjoyed her facial, and said that she felt “fabulous”. I hope your someone special feels the same way. Tell me your favorite facial cleansers and masks below. Also, use the hashtag #MiSpecSpaDay in your social media posts so I can see all of your amazing success.

Have a blessed day!


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