The Power of Lemon: Greek Fajitas


Greek Fajita recipe main pic

Greek Fajitas w. Lemon Greek SoYo

This recipe is one for those who meal prep and for those who want to come up with a tasty treat that everyone can individualize. Not only is it healthy, but it is a delicious way to put a Greek twist on a Mexican fave! It uses our Power of… ingredient for the time being, lemon. I hope you can enjoy this healthy, easy, and delicious recipe.



Whole Wheat Tortillas

Fajita Chicken Strips pre-cooked – or cook your own

Olive Oil

Bell pepper/onion mix-frozen – or fresh bell peppers and  purple onion

Canned mushrooms or fresh mushrooms

Lettuce or Spinach

1 Lemon

1 Lime

Fajita  Seasoning (optional, depends on what kind of taste you want to go for)

Pico de Gallo – fresh food section

Canned Black Beans

Feta Cheese

Greek SoYo

Sour Cream

Plain Greek Yogurt

Fresh Lemon- Lemon Juice

Lemon Pepper

Mediterranean/Greek Seasoning



Let’s Cook

So the first thing is to prep your vegetables whether fresh or frozen through them in a sauce or frying pan along with a couple slices of lemon and lime, add fajita seasoning, add olive oil and cook them down to your liking.  I cook mine down until they look like your normal fajita veggies.

Now if you are cooking your own chicken, I would start on that while I am cooking the vegetables or before hand. If you have the pre-made chicken, warm it up and add fajita seasoning if none is on it already.

Clean off your black beans with water, and warm them up a little in the microwave.

You are pretty much set to go. Now I like to turn on my broiler and heat up my tortillas that way, but make sure you everyone is lined up and ready to eat when you do this or they will cool and get hard to quick.

Now set up a station for everyone to pick from the veggies, chicken, Pico, beans, and etc. and you are ready for a Greek Fiesta!!!

Wait, you do need a topping so here is my recipe for:

 Lemon Greek SoYo 

Add half parts sour cream and Greek yogurt, it really depends on how many people you are trying to feed. Add in some lemon juice, a couple taps of lemon pepper and the Mediterranean seasoning. I cook like my granny, so I taste and visualize to get measurements. If you over season add more sour cream or Greek yogurt, and if you under season add more seasoning. Now you have the topping, so enjoy your fajitas.


Comment and post pictures of your creations below. Also, like always, remember I always want to encourage you to make your own twist on these recipes and let me know how they go.

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