DJ Mek’s Tossed Greek

Tossed Greek Photo


This dish is full of flavor and fun. It is my twist on popular tossed greek salads. It is healthy, and is a quick fix that you can include in your meal prep as you embark on a healthier you this year. I encourage you to put your own twist on it. There are many variations to this recipe, and as you make it put ingredients in at your own discretion.

Shopping List

1 Bag Veggie Spiral Pasta

1 Bag of Fresh Spinach or Mixed Salad Mix w. Spinach

1 Container of Cherry Tomatoes

1 Can of Whole Black Olives

1 Can of Whole Green Olives

1 Container of Feta Cheese

1 Green Bell Pepper

1 Yellow Bell Pepper

1 Red Bell Pepper

1 Purple Onion

1 Can of Artichokes

*As far as dressing, you can make your own or you can get a Greek Vinaigrette pre-made

Make Your Own Dressing Shopping List

1/2 cup of Red Wine Vinegar

1 cup of Olive Oil

Greek/ Mediterranean  Herb Seasoning

Garlic Salt

Feta Cheese

Lemon or Lemon Juice (The Power of Lemon)



Boil your pasta with a little olive oil and a pinch of salt

Chop up your vegetables to size of your liking, I personally like my medium and chunky.

Dressing Prep

Now when making the dressing to me there is no right or wrong way, I usually  do a taste test. If you prepare the dressing the night before and allow is to marinate the seasonings will be more potent.

Add the olive oil and red wine vinegar together, cut the lemon in half and squeeze into oil and vinegar or use three teaspoons of lemon juice

next add garlic salt (go light on this, until you reach desired taste) and Greek or Mediterranean herb blend

Next add in a little feta cheese, the more feta for me, so even though its already in the pasta add some in the dressing.

Final Step

Mix the pasta and all other ingredients together and mix the dressing in and now you have DJ Mek’s Tossed Greek

I hope you enjoy this simple recipe and that it becomes one of your favorites!!!!

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Family Nurse Practitioner pursuing a life of research and education by earning my PhD in Nursing. Alabama born and raised. UAB Alum. UAB Grad Student.

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