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This weeks special topic was about avoiding the Freshman 15 for you first time college students, but for those who are not at that stage avoiding the life 15. This 15 that I am talking about is the 15 lbs a person gains during there first year of college or when you have a major life change. Some people gain weight after being married (happy weight) or when they are going through stressful event like the loss of a love one.

Some of these things are unavoidable at times, but we can try to combat these issues before they start by having a healthy and consistent exercise routine, diet, and me time. Yes, me time; I will explain this later on.


The first thing to do is Plan.

If you do not have a planner; I suggest you invest in one or something that can do the job. Especially if you are in school, not having a planner can be a crucial failure. Plan out what you have to do during the week especially those things that do not change. Now what time of the day or days of the week are the busiest and most likely to have unexpected tasks added to your list. These are days  or times that you do not want to schedule exercising because it most likely will not happen.

Your goal is to find a days and a time where you know you can consistently exercise without being uninterrupted. Acknowledge your time gaps between classes or work, when can you eat lunch or snack. Also, find a day and time where you can just relax and have some time to yourself.


Your body needs consistency if you want to see a change. If you have a consistent workout routine and pattern, you are less likely to skip it because it is now a part of your schedule and is just like any other task. Also, you need to eat through out the day sir you would like to see an increase in your health and a decrease in weight. Eating frequently helps boost your metabolism which in turns helps with your weight loss, also studies shows that those who skip breakfast are more prone to weight gain, so grab some granola on the go.  Your me time is needed to help you release some of the stress that could be causing these added pounds. Plus, it can be something that you will look forward to every week. It can act as a form of encouragement.


The next thing is what to do?


There are so many resources that you can find online to help you find an exercise routine and  a healthy diet to follow. To help you start off I am dropping the links below to the Nike Training Club app which will be more than a good start and a link to the blog The Slender Student which gives a shopping list and great recipes to portable lunches that will help you on your journey (Click the pics). There are many more out there; I encourage you to check out Pinterest or google to find some other ideas.

UAB Students: campus offers a lot of healthy options especially in The Commons, you can find eating guidelines on-line and apply them there. The Commons also displays the calories of each dish. Also, the Rec Center offers a lot of classes check out the exercises ( http://bodyandsoulradio.wordpress.com/body-talk/exercises/ ) ‎for a link to their UFit schedule.  There are also a lot of videos you can find online that you can do in your dorm room, the Nike Training Club app has a lot of workouts that can be done in your room. Set a time with your roommate and you all can work out together.

NTC icon




You also want to make sure that you sleep the recommended 8 hours today, and as a college student  and a full-time employee,I understand . However, try to get close to those recommended hours, and water, water, WATER.  I would definitely suggest never leaving the house without a water bottle. this will help you remember to drink throughout the day. You also can number your bottle with times, so you can give yourself a deadline.

water bottle



and remember when it comes to eating healthy; it is all about moderation. Restrictive diets are not healthy. The only slow down your metabolism and cause your body to store fat.  It is key to have a balance of diet and exercise.


Now last but not least you need Motivation

What is motivating you to remain healthy or get healthy. What inspires you to live? They can simply be the same thing, having bad health shortens your life span so get in control of your life today.

Make a Pinterest board with quotes that will inspire you when you are trying to remain focus.

will you



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